The ore must be mined for the community to survive – and the community must be torn down for the ore to be mined. Everyone in Swedish Malmberget is waiting for the hammer to drop and the community to crumble. We meet people who live around the edges of the mine and observe huge contrasts between the “little guy” and the giant grinding machinery. The state-owned mining company LKAB continues to make huge profits while criticism mounts and the community grows increasingly desperate watching its buildings disappear bit by bit. Is it possible to rebel against the hand that feeds you? What’s it like to live in a community that’s about to go up in a puff of smoke? With a tragicomic undertone, the film portrays the uncertainty and fear coupled with the ever-present warmth and humour of these troubled people.

Title: The Home And The Cavity
Original title: Malmberget
Directed by Alexander Rynéus & Per Eriksson
Produced by Malla Grapengiesser
Genre: Documentary
Length: 59 min 30 s
Format: HD-cam, DCP, Blu-ray
Cinematography: Alexander Rynéus & Per Eriksson
Editing: Malin Lindström
Music: Karl-Erik Berglund
Additional music: Sebastian Forslund
Soundesign & Mix: Christian Christensen
In co-production with Sveriges Television and Filmpool Nord
With The Support of Svenska Filminstitutet
In Collaboration with Film i Dalarna, Film Stockholm/Filmbasen and Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen

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# Arctic Light Filmfestival 2013
# Official Selection Tempo Documentary Award 2013
# Official Selection GIFF international Film Festival 2013
# Won the Tempo Pitch at the Tempo Documentary Festival 2011